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L'après-midi takes us out of our busy lives and into a slower pace,

L'après-midi takes us out of our busy lives and into a slower pace, to revel in the breezy, airy charms of the big city. "The afternoon" in French, iconic sights around the world materialize through the dancing strokes of a watercolor brush by illustrator Wooran. Casual scenes are replayed from her travels starting with Paris and London in 2010. In 2019, she returned to Paris to work on a special release celebrating ten years, and is set to bring new, inspired illustrations from a series of other destinations over the coming decade. Wooran has been with Pansydaisy since 2008, debuting with works on the theme of gardens.


When Pansydaisy was searching for a book designer in 2008, a girl from Kangwon Province, where is famous for its pastoral sceneries and mountains, applied.

Yoonsang (founder of Pansydaisy) and Jin (design head) visited her blog to assess her resume and portfolio.

But it was her story and photography jobs that impressed them. Yoonsang said she had something. They called her to come to an interview. She was Wooran Han, and they offered a different job. This was the beginning of this illustration brand.


From Paris to Tokyo

During the first two years, brand products are not so successful enough to say profitable. But certainly Wooran's works were attractive. In late 2009, Pansydaisy changed the strategy from pastoral life theme to travel story. At trade shows in Paris and London in 2010, it worked. Since 2010, Wooran has created 12 city design ranges from Paris to Tokyo. She was awarded twice in South Korea including the gold medal at the 1st Seoul Tourism Souvenir Pitch by the Seoul Metropolitan Government. 


After one year leave from April 2014, she came back to her journey in April 2015. New York City was waiting for her. Pansydaisy hopes she will be able to work many wonderful places in the world for a long time.

Maison & Objet, Paris

Maison & Objet, Paris in January and September is our main international show, and new designs are released there. We look forwards to meeting you there. The upcoming September show stand number will be K54, Hall6.

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